Know us, GLAM with us

Meghan Hamilton, Owner/Founder
Hi, and thanks so much for visiting!!!! My name is Meghan Hamilton, and I’m a professional makeup artist & esthetician. My favorite phrase is, “Don’t quit your daydream”, and that’s exactly what GLAMbeauty bar is for me. When dreaming of creating this place, I wanted to create a beautiful, special, affordable beauty bar that I would personally want to come to as a client. Over the top customer service, attention to detail, but without the stuffy notion that only a certain kind of client was welcome here. I believe that when women feel their best (whatever that means to them- it’s very personal!) then they can take on the world in a way that they might not have otherwise. I’m a glam loving, hard-working hustler who wants this brand and this vision to continue to grow & expand with YOU in mind.

Thanks for being a part of my real life dream come true! Keep your eyes out for my next project- Hadley Beauty Co. The daydreams just won’t quit!!!!



Honorable mention, Leslie Stose
The beginning of GLAMbeauty bar would not be possible without former business partner, Leslie Stose! Leslie was an integral part of the creation of GLAM moving from a dream to a reality. We often get asked who designed the space, and every sparkly touch you see was Leslie’s genius at work. Her deep rooted connections within the community and her hustler spirit made her the perfect partner for Meghan, and the two look at their time working together as a magical, important, life altering experience. Leslie happily calls Woodstock, GA her home now, and the South is so lucky to have her magnetic sparkle every day. Our gratitude for Leslie is forever!!! We love you Soul Sister!