Know us, GLAM with us

Meghan Hamilton, Owner/Founder
Hi, and thanks so much for visiting!!!! My name is Meghan Hamilton, and I’m a professional makeup artist & esthetician. My favorite phrase is, “Don’t quit your daydream”, and that’s exactly what GLAMbeauty bar is for me. When dreaming of creating this place, I wanted to create a beautiful, special, affordable beauty bar that I would personally want to come to as a client. Over the top customer service, attention to detail, but without the stuffy notion that only a certain kind of client was welcome here. I believe that when women feel their best (whatever that means to them- it’s very personal!) then they can take on the world in a way that they might not have otherwise. I’m a glam loving, hard-working hustler who wants this brand and this vision to continue to grow & expand with YOU in mind.

Thanks for being a part of my real life dream come true! Keep your eyes out for my next project- Hadley Beauty Co. The daydreams just won’t quit!!!!