GLAMbeauty bar Classes

We know you want to learn how to recreate your GLAM looks at home, so let us teach you how! Your GLAMbarbies are ready to share their love of GLAM with classes such as makeup artistry, hair styling, wax treatments and spray tan application. Our experts are here to share their tricks of their trade with you so you can learn how to do what we do. Classes include, but not limited to:

  • Darling, You’re Beautiful:  Makeup application 101
  • Sun-Kissed:  Spray tan care and preparation
  • The Best of the Best:  Makeup product tutorial
  • Lovely Locks:  Hair extensions 101
  • The Price is Right:  Drug store beauty product buys
  • Toolbox:  Makeup brushes and kit essentials
  • Curl Me Crazy:  Hair curling tutorials
  • Keep it Clean:  Caring for your makeup products to preserve their longevity
  • O’Hair:  The pros, cons and tricks for tweezing and other hair removal methods
  • Love the Skin You’re In:  Skincare 101
  • Celebrity GLAM:  Style your hair like the celebs do
  • Hairstyling Hacks:  Braids, buns, ponytails and hair accessories

Have a suggestion for a future class idea??  Let us know!!! 

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