This is Your One-on-One with a Makeup Artist

Our makeup artists are here to give you the look of your dreams, whether it’s for work, something social, your wedding, or any other life event. Pair our cosmetic services with lashes or a fresh hairstyle and complete your look!

Full-Blown GLAM without lashes $40

This is our version of makeup application! We customize this look to you - as natural, professional or GLAM as you want! This is all about making you feel like the best version of yourself through your makeup.

Full-Blown GLAM with Lashes $50

Exactly that! Full blown glam makeup, but with false lashes! Choose individuals for a super natural look, or all the way up to super fluttery, special occasion lashes. We will customize them to you and your eye shape specifically.

Full-Blown GLAM with Becca (Lead Artist) $60

Becca is one of GLAM’s original GLAMbarbies. She has spent her years here perfecting her craft and finessing every detail to make sure each woman who leaves her makeup chair walks out feeling flawless. She was promoted to lead artist in 2017, and her price reflects the above and beyond work that she does. (False lashes are automatically included in this pricing.)

Full-Blown GLAM with Meghan $75

Meghan Hamilton is our founder & owner. With 12+ years of experience, Meghan charges slightly more than the GLAMbarbies and will customize your makeup look to you! (False lashes are automatically included in this pricing).

Personalized Makeup Lesson (one-on-one) $60 per hour

Feel like you need a refresh on your current look? Bring in your makeup and brushes and get personalized attention from one of our GLAMbarbies as we walk through ways to freshen & update your look, based on you and your needs! We will make suggestions for products, brushes and show you how to use what you already Custom Blend Foundation ave in your makeup bag.

Personalized Makeup Lesson (with Meghan) $100 Per Hour

Meghan Hamilton is the founder of GLAMbeauty bar and has been contouring, highlighting, and giving glow ups to people for over twelve years.

Private Group Makeup Lesson $150 Per Hour

Need a refresh on your makeup look, but want to hang out with your friends too? This is the perfect ladies night where you and 3 other girlfriends come in with your makeup, and one of our GLAMbarbies customizes a lesson for the group! Each of you will take turns in the chair, focusing on a specific need while the others follow along. We encourage you to bring snacks or beverages in to make it truly a girls night in! (4 max, we feel this way everyone gets the proper amount of love and attention).

False Lashes (strip lashes) $10

Already have your makeup done, and just want a little additional GLAM? We will pick out the perfect strip lash for your look and apply it. Easy as that! Just peel them off at night, and call it a day!

Personal Shopping Options Available Upon Request

Wouldn’t you love to have an unbiased makeup junkie along with you at Ulta or Sephora? We are happy to join you and work within your budget to make sure you get exactly what you need.