Be the Glow With Spray and Ombre Tanning

Our tanning specialists will hook you up with a full-body airbrush tan that will last you for a week or more! If you’re not feeling having your whole body done (maybe because of the season) we can isolate regions of your body to give a golden glow!

Airbrush tan $35

Want a perfect, golden glow year round? We custom mix our own formula to make sure you look bronzed to perfection and never orange! One of our GLAMbarbies will be hand spraying you, so wear what you feel comfortable in (nothing or something, it truly doesn’t matter to us!), and come showered, shaved & exfoliated. We suggest dark, loose clothing and shoes that slip on & off easily- be prepared to avoid water for at least 8 hours after your appointment (this includes working out/ sweating, bathing or giving a bath, dishes, etc). Your tan will last 7-10 days depending on your aftercare (we believe our Beaute Nouveau Butter Balm is a must have!!!!! Tans last on average 2-3 days longer with use of the Balm).

ombre tan $20

Is it winter and a full tan feels pointless- but you still crave a little glow? Just do your top half and leave those white legs covered up by your leggings & boots. Or perhaps it’s summer time and your legs never get as dark as your top half? Come on in for a leg tan and even everything out during shorts weather!